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((Before you ask; yes, this entire 6-post update was about Captain Rainbow Dash putting on a shirt.))

((In other news: Captain Rainbow Dash now wears a shirt, in addition to her flight jacket and goggles.))

((That’s right folks, today is my sweet little girl’s birthday today! Go wish her a happy birthday, if you would :3

You’re probably wondering “how does she pertain to this blog at all? What do you mean by without her this blog wouldn’t even exist?

Well, for those of you who’ve read this blog’s origin story (which I can’t seem to find right now), the original character Rainbow-less Dash was inspired by and created for her! I would have never have made this blog if she hadn’t come into my life.

Happy Birthday, Sarah! <3))

Even though Grougs were for April Fools... they would be cool to see.

((That’s probably because the plan for the “new Rainbow-less Dash” was an actual plan that I wrote out but never used. I just copied and pasted it on April Fools’, since I’m probably never going to use it.))

((That whole “going back to Rainbow-less Dash” thing was an April Fools’ Joke, by the way, if some of you missed that part.))


"won't go into detail"

((Well I meant that as in I wouldn’t draw it out in one big ass story arc, it’ll just start up where the explanation left off.))

Captain Rainbow-less Dash: NO! NO THIS CAN’T BE!

((okay, so I know this is kinda sudden, but I wanted the jump back to RLD to be as quick as possible.

I think the super-powers idea was better, to be honest. Have Rainbow-less Dash running around really fast, throwing fire-balls and ice blasts at every foe in her path? Oh yeah, much better idea then just having her… fly.


I won’t go in to detail, so lemme just explain here:

-The Dashers split up after RLD goes into a depression and decides to relearn her powers in the simulation

-Fluttershy doesn’t like how violent Dash has become, so RLD decides to go back to Twilight for help and rejoin her

-A chemical outbreak by the once psychopathic Twilight causes a new creature to be formed; dubbed “Grougs” (GR-OW-GZ)

  -Grougs are similar to changelings (in the sense that they can manifest   themself into any pony, but don’t need to feed off of the love for that       pony) to manifest inside forests and caves

-Grougs are not smart enough to know they can transform into anypony, those who do, are bad at acting like the pony they’re disguised as (I.E. uncontrollable slobbering, growling, or slurred speech)

-Grougs begin to learn how to use their powers and start disguising themselves as important ponies (I.E. government officials, police officers, scientists, etc.)

-Introduce Special Anti-Groug Unit, or SAGU

-SAGU seems great at first, but Grougs begin to evolve and become stronger

-SAGU starts to suck

-RLD joins SAGU out of fear and the need to do everything right herself

-Grougs learn combat

-Dash gets hurt battling Grougs

-Twilight fires up the simulation again to train her and keep her skilles honed

-Dash gets pissed, wants more enemies to practice on

-To calm her down, Twilight offers her simulation’s super-powers back

-Twilight gives Dash back her super powers

-Dash demands more enemies

-Twilight gives them to her

-The simulation overloads and explodes, releasing more Grougs into the city, but also giving Dash her super-powers IRL

-Dash has to stop the Grougs

-She does

-Captain of the team gets fired, Dash is the new leader of SAGU

-She attempts to handle all the Grougs on her own


-Needs team

-Team can’t help

-Twilight starts experiments trying to replicate RLD getting her super-powers IRL

-Can only give her teammates Speed and Jump, not anything like Telekinisis or Ice/Fire blasts

-RLD trains her teammates in the ways of combat, since it’s her teammate’s only form of attack

-RLD continues to manage her flight team, which becomes the official representative of SAGU

Trust me folks, this’ll be better than ever!

-Wheatley; The Mod))





So does this mean you have boobs under that?!


Captain Rainbow Dash: *sweats nervously*


I’ve never felt a bigger need to draw something in my entire life

((Self-rebloggin &#8216;cos my hat game still strong))


I’ve never felt a bigger need to draw something in my entire life

((Self-rebloggin ‘cos my hat game still strong))